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We provide a high standard of bricklaying workmanship across a range of projects, including; House Extensions, Warehouse, Home and Flat builds. As building contractors we make ourselves available for industrial and residential projects through our wide knowledge and competitive prices.

We have a service to suit everyone and buy offering a 7 Day week service; we can ensure all our construction deadlines are met and that your project will always be completed on time.

What does GTIE.L.T.D OFFERS?

Commercial And Residential Services In All Areas, from Office And Domestic Cleaning To Building Refurbishment, Building Maintenance’s, Building Internal Demolition, Carpentry And Lots More.

Brick laying

  1. drive way wall
  2. Retaining wall
  3. Boundary wall
  4. Solid brick wall
  5. Cavity brick wall for newly built buildings and extensions
  6. Stone wall
  7. Laying piers stone

Block laying

  1. Concrete blocks laying for new built Building and extension.
  2. Thermo block laying for newly built Building and extensions.
  3. Laying block brick curve wall

Casting floor

  1. Brush stroke finish drive-way walk-way finish concrete casting
  2. Gravel (shingle) finish drive-way walk-way finish concrete casting
  3. Steel float finish drive-way walk-way finish concrete casting
  4. Concrete-Casting decking are patio floor
  5. Concrete-casting for new built building floor
  6. Internal floor seeding

Plastering and rendering

  1. Plastering newly built building and extensions
  2. Plastering curve wall
  3. Plastering alongside staircase wall
  4. All type of external rendering

Repair masonry job

  1. Patch plastering for internal wall and ceilings
  2. Patch rendering for external wall
  3. Patch concrete for flooring and driveway
  4. Replace damage brick

Our masonry company performs full service residential and commercial stone and brick restorations and repairs with a creative approach that combines old-fashioned trade principles with impeccable customer service. From constructing commercial masonry high-rises to restoring and preserving historical properties, we guarantee that you will be amazed by our work.

Residential and Commercial Restorations Many of the properties throughout London surrounding area hold historical significance for London. So using the right techniques to restore and preserve them is vital to preserving the rich culture and history of the city itself. Our team works directly with some of the most prominent historical and conservation specialists in the city, and we go to extreme lengths to ensure that the work we do is equally as structurally sound as it is aesthetically pleasing.

  1. We will re-point your brickwork using an exact reproduction of the mortar that was originally used to construct your property – even if it was built in the 18th century. This ensures that the bricks and stones of your building will be supported by mortar joints that not only function as well as the original mortar but also flawlessly match its colour.
  2. We will replace any damaged or missing masonry units with bricks or stones of the same quality, colour, density and wear. Working closely with the historical society and local brickyards, we can either locate or recreate a masonry unit that will match your home or business perfectly.
  3. As a side note: If you are considering a restoration for your property, go take a look in your basement, attic or backyard. Many times, leftover bricks and stones were deposited in these areas, once the original construction of a building was complete.

Commercial Construction

our masonry experts can help you get your commercial construction project underway. Working directly with you or your architect, we can begin to organize your project, from zoning and permitting to breaking ground and constructing your new building. We have worked throughout London and its surrounding suburbs, so we are familiar with the building codes that govern new constructions in every corner of the city.

  • New construction projects being planned in historical districts must be cleared with the Landmarks Department and, sometimes also with the local area Authority.
  • The Environmental Department must be consulted for any new projects that will be built over wetlands.

Building & Repairing retaining wall

Retaining walls can play a fairly important role in maintaining the safety of your property. Constructed of four main components (a base, masonry units, backfill and drainage pipes), these structures were designed to retain masses of soil that would otherwise erode or collapse and cause extensive damages to your home or business property.

Our team has extensive experience planning and constructing retaining walls: gravity walls, terraced walls, cantilever retaining walls and anchored retaining walls. Each wall is designed to serve the same purpose. However, the limitations and complexity of the individual designs are based upon the total mass of the soil that the structures will need to hold back.

  • Gravity walls are the simplest type of retaining wall; they are only intended to hold back gradients of soil that reach heights of about 3 to 4 feet.
  • Anchored walls are fairly complex and often need to be designed by an engineer; these walls can reach immense heights.


Stucco and rendering & Repair

if your home or business property’s stucco or rendering has been damaged, we can get your walls patched up and looking like new. The stucco or rendering repair process takes approximately 8 days to complete, so if you have noticed any cracks or holes in your stucco or rendering, call for an estimate at your earliest convenience. The sooner repairs are made; the safer your home will be from water leaks, mould spores and insect infestations.

Patio Pavers

whether you are a home or business owner, GTIE.L.T.D are the perfect way to construct an outdoor sitting space or walkways that will blend seamlessly with both the style of your property and the greenery of your landscaping. Available in an array of colours, textures and styles, patio pavement will add warmth and charm to any environment.

GTIE.L.T.D Masonry- Quality Stone, Brick & Paver Masonry Services, Serving for greater London & surrounding areas

Globaltech Innovation Enterprise L.T.D, Masonry service for London Residential and Light Commercial Masonry Experts.

  • Chimney Repair
  • Fireplace Repair
  • Brick Steps
  • Porch Repair
  • New Porches
  • General Brick Repair
  • Masonry Repair
  • Custom Stone Masonry
  • Chimney Building
  • Stone Repairs
  • Masonry Work
  • Brick Restoration
  • Masonry Restoration
  • Brick Walls
  • Block Walls
  • Masonry Walls

Fireplace and Chimney Building & Repair

if you would like to incorporate a masonry fireplace and chimney into your home or business, give us a call. There is nothing like a warm glowing hearth to greet your clients, or to come home to on a chilly evening. From top to bottom – new construction or existing structure – we know how to build solid, long-wearing and reliable masonry fireplaces and chimneys.

Chimney Building & Repair

Calls us for an estimate on minor or major chimney repair work whether it's replacing the top of your chimney or even a complete chimney rebuild. We are experts at resolving the following conditions with your chimney and fireplace:

Firebox repointing and rebuilding - the firebox is the brick area where you build your fire; loose bricks and degraded mortar should be repaired. Just as a home will settle, so does a fireplace. When the bricks in a fireplace firebox are cracked or have deteriorating mortar joints, the firebox needs to be rebuilt with new bricks and mortar. This will restore the integrity of the firebox. A chimney cap can also be added to a firebox to prevent future damage from water. The experts at Atlas Master Companies can repair and rebuild your fireplace firebox and make it like new and restore it structurally. When we do a firebox rebuild, all of the walls will be covered with new brick and the fireplace floor will be coated with mortar that seals the openings and cracks.

Mortar crown repair - the concrete surface at the top of your chimney that keeps water out of your flue; a cracked or broken mortar crown should be repaired immediately to avoid serious water damage. The mortar crown is one of the most crucial components of a chimney. Chimney crown maintenance is important because if it is damaged, water can get into the brick or mortar. This will cause the chimney to break and crumble. Mortar crowns are usually installed along with chimney caps to keep water and animals out of your chimney. This will protect your home from damage. If you are experiencing broken or crumbling mortar between the bricks, contact the experts at Atlas Master Companies, we can repair or install your mortar crown.

Damper repair - A damper closes the flue when you aren't using the fireplace so heat doesn't escape. Signs that you are in need of damper repair are: trouble keeping a home heated in the winter, smoke pouring into the home when there is a fire in the fireplace. Dampers can get damaged when exposed to heat, moisture and particles from fires. If you feel you are in need of damper repair, call a professional from Atlas Master Companies to come and inspect the damper and find the solution for your repair needs.

Flue repair - the part of the chimney that funnels exhaust to the outside; if it cracks, breaks, or is blocked by debris or creosote build-up, it is a safety hazard that needs to be repaired. Over time the chimney flue may become damaged because of mortar that has weakened, cracks due to a chimney fire or lightning strike, or build-up of creosote and other corrosive materials. Once the chimney flue is damaged it can cause heat, moisture and gases to escape and damage the interior of your chimney. Health and safety become an issue and the efficiency of your fireplace is reduced. These issues can be repaired by the professionals at Globaltech Innovation Enterprise LTD today. Don't let your flue repair go unattended to. Contact us today for an inspection.

Besides being cleaned and inspected each year, your chimney will need occasional brick work repairs to ensure that it is performing its functions properly. Chimney repair is not ordinary masonry work. Specific building fire codes and design requirements for chimneys require that an experienced chimney mason should be called to do the job.

Custom build dream house

We treat each house build as a Work of Art

Building your dream home is a major point for any person. Nothing brings a warm feeling of achievement like making your own home, it gives an atmosphere like non that can compare with , custom build home brick or stone house It's a family gathering place of joy and should be a treasured part of any one’s life.

Globaltech Innovation Enterprise L.T.D MASONRY-BUILDING service will creates every home as a work of art and is experts at building fabrication, weather it is exterior or interior GTIE.L.T.D are able to provide you with the best masonry or building service possible. Let us come out and design re construct your project for you that perfectly reflect your style and home's unique ambience.

Extentensions and conversions Magnetic Locks

Your home extension or a conversion of an existing space - as a loft or a garage - is a fantastic way to add value to your property and increase your living space without having to move house.

At Smart Services for all we're experts at providing a complete home extension or conversion service. We'll work with you right from the start of your project and can help with everything from initial advice on the suitability of your home to advice on all your needs.

Patios & Barbecues

Stone and brick masonry work for patios, water features, stone pavers, outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces. Southside Masonry specializes in the design and installation of outdoor kitchens, patios and fireplaces - as well as unlimited applications of stone veneers and concrete pavers. We use only the highest-quality stone and brick masonry products and you can expect professionalism, creativity and workmanship from our experienced masons.

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