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With years of experience in building industry GtieL.T.D has started a new department that specialise in curtain walls.
Curtain walling allows masses of light to enter a building, creating a bright and uplifting environment.
The large choice of glazing available allows for a range of tint options as well as a range of which colour spectrum can enter the building.As large panes of glass can often seem invisible, health & safety issues can be dealt with by the inclusion of silk-screen sections to provide prominent visible areas.
In order to enhance the exterior appearance of a building, spandrels can be coloured in order to harmonise with the glazing. This creates a consistent appearance across the envelope of the building.
Energy consumption can be minimised with the use of high-performance solar-control glazing, allowing the building to be kept cool in the summer, whilst minimising heat loss during the winter.
The flexible design can be tailored to incorporate exterior solar shading systems which complement the glass and prevent solar glare during the summer months.

Aluminium Shop Fronts

GtieL.T.D offers supply only or supply and fitting of Shop-Fronts and Aluminium Shop Fronts in a wide variety of colours and styles across the North West and the UK.
Doors for your shop-front can be manual or automatic, choose from Swing, sliding or bi-folding operation to suit your needs and your budget.

We at GtieL.T.D offer a 48 hours aluminium Shop-Fronts service nationwide

Other features include:

  • Manual shop doors are fitted with a concealed overhead hydraulic closer.
  • Full weather-stripping to the perimeter of doors.
  • Locking facilities including Deadbolt (by way of a hook bolt lock), Later Lock (with options of handled or thumb turn), Electric regular options.
  • All glaze is finished and fitted to BS6262 and BS6206.

We also have a range of handles, push pads; D handled and full lock types. Please contact us for further details.

Disability Discrimination

An attractive appearance is of little use if customers cannot gain access to your shop. Easy access benefits everyone, including disabled and elderly people, those with push chairs and young children, and customers with bags of shopping. Disabilities include not only limited physical mobility, but also visual and other sensory impairments.
Good access is a material consideration in planning terms, and must comply with current Building Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. New premises will be expected to comply with current legislation and standards of access. Replacement and refurbished shop fronts in existing premises should remove or alter physical barriers that prevent disabled people gaining access.

Key features of good access are as follows:

  • Approach routes and areas adjacent to shop fronts should be kept free from obstructions
  • A-frame hoardings, goods on display and similar obstructions are not allowed on any footway (pavement) which is part of the highway
  • The entrance should have a level approach and flush threshold doors should be readily identifiable.
  • Unframed glass doors should be made more visible by banding at eye level.
  • Door handles should be clearly colour-distinguished from their background and easy to use.
  • Doors should have at least 925mm clear opening width preferred (800mm minimum) and have at least 300mm space alongside the leading edge; automatic doors are preferred, especially for larger units.
  • Avoid heavy, spring closing doors.
  • On name-boards and advertising signs, lower-case letters (with initial capitals where necessary) are easier to read than ALL CAPITALS.
  • Overhead projections such as canopies and shop signs should have a minimum clearance of 2500mm above ground level.
  • Where an ATM or other public access terminal is incorporated in the shop front, this should not project beyond the main facade and should adhere to separate layout and design standards.

Bi Fold Patio Doors & Bi Fold Doors

Our Bi Fold & Bi fold patio doors are made from Senior Architectural Systems thermally broken SPW400 high quality profiles, which ensure durability for all kind of weather, long life, modern look and high heat and sound insulation level.

Bi Fold Patio Door Features

  • 70mm slim-line frame profile; just 60mm wide vent profile.
  • Up to 6 metres wide as standard. (for wider widths please contact our office)
  • Floating sliding mullions provides stability and for easy glide operation.
  • Polyamide thermally broken aluminium profile.
  • Multipoint security locking on main door and shoot bolt locking on intermediate stiles.
  • 32mm internally glazed sealed units, for increased security.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • All doors are made to measure.

Bi Fold Patio Door Optional

  • Bi-fold doors can OPEN IN or OPEN OUT.
  • Standard frame or low threshold & various cill options.
  • Wide scale of RAL and BS powder coating finishes; anodised and polished finishes available.
  • Single and Dual colours available.
  • Glazing – choice of toughened, laminated, anti-sun, georgian grill or Unglazed etc.
  • Choose from a choice of colours for handles and spacer bars.
  • Slides left or right, or split to fold left and right on opening.
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 Panels with various opening options as standard.


We also fabricate from the Smart Systems Aluminium range.

Unique slide and fold dual hollow aluminium system. The doors which sit in a rebated frame have an external curved shape with internal beading. Bottom wheels and top glider are safely concealed within a dedicated floating mullion with the door leafs being joined by a butt type knuckle hinge. Suitable for domestic and light / medium / heavy duty commercial applications.

Visofold Panorama

GtieL.T.D latest edition to the Visofold range of slide-folding doors. Visofold Panorama offers elegant slim sightlines coupled with highly engineered hardware designed to ensure years of reliable service.

Patio Doors Econoline

Partition screen system incorporating top hung manual sliding door gear. The non-thermal, internally beaded profiles are suitable for heavy duty commercial applications.


Wrap around glazed, thermal or non-thermal, horizontal sliding system with no encroachment of opening beyond depth of frame. Suitable for domestic and light / medium commercial applications.

Slide Cold

This standard series of profiles without thermal break has the same form as the Slide series except for the thermal break.


Superior thermal insulated and strong dual hollow aluminium horizontal sliding system with internal beads. Suitable for light / medium / heavy duty commercial applications and domestic areas requiring extreme performance.


Versatile thermal insulated aluminium horizontal sliding system with internal beads. Suitable for domestic and light / medium / heavy duty commercial applications.


Sliding door system ideal for commercial applications such as car show rooms that require large sash sizes.

Automatic Doors

We use Entrematic, Tormax, IR Dor-O-Matic and Ditec Automatic Door Systems, all systems are to BS and fully compliant to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Automatic or Remote Swinging Doors

These can be fully automatic or controlled by remote operation. They may need a barrier to the rear of the door to protect the public when the door is activated.

Automatic Sliding Doors

This is the most popular type of automatic door; the doors slide behind glass screens or walls to give a clear opening. Single or double doors up to 3 metre daylight width are available. Automatic sliding doors are fitted with a sidelight safety sensor, if an obstruction is detected in opening mode, the doors will open slowly to detect or push away any obstruction or person. If no obstruction is detected the door reverts to normal operation.

Bi-Fold Automatic Doors

This is a less obtrusive automatic door, giving maximum clearance, so no safety barriers are required. Bi-Fold Doors are fully automatic and fitted with a Battery Backup System or powered open on mains failure.

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